Training Kit on Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication

Module M01 - Introduction to the Training Kit
Module M02 - Attitudes, Behaviours and Ethics
Module M03 - Fundamentals of Training Delivery and Facilitation 
Module M04 - Community Groundwork and Processes
Module M05 - Enabling and Disabling Environments 
Module M06 - Choice of Participatory Mapping Method based on Purpose, Environment and Resources
Module M07 - Project Structuring and Initial Reconnaissance
Module M08 - Ground and Sketch Mapping 
Module M09 - Participatory Scale Mapping and Surveying
Module M10 - Participatory 3D Modelling
Module M11 - Participatory Mapping using Remote Sensing Images
Module M12 - Introduction to GIS for the Purpose of Practicing PGIS 
Module M13 - Participatory Internet-based Mapping
Module M14 Documentation
Module M15 - Making Maps Work: Planning, Communication and Advocacy